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Mobile Web Banking

Now Available on HomeCU

Have you noticed that accessing your home banking from your cell phone or PDA isn't like your PC? That's because the home banking isn't optimized for most mobile devices. Capture and keep your most profitable members with the on-the-go convenience of member Mobile Web Banking. It provides "thumb-friendly" access to account balances, history, transfers, and more from any phone with a browser. Today, your members can get everything from their mobile devices they can get from their PC. If you're looking to offer services that appeal to younger members, or simply want to give your 'techy' members more options, HomeCUTM Mobile Web Banking may be the winning ticket!


» Access the same information as a PC on your web enabled cell phone or PDA
» Members can add shortcut from iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and others
» Uses multi-factor authentication
      (something the member knows – PIN, & something they have – cell phone)
» Works on any web enabled cell phone with a modern browser
» Requires the same login as PC home banking access
» Optimized for mobile devices with smaller screen sizes
» Very affordable flat fee pricing

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