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HomeCU™ Live! - Home Banking Solution

Member account access online, in real time, anytime.


When the real-time delivery of information is a requirement, look to HomeCU Live for the solution. Leveraging the extensible architecture of the popular HomeCU Internet banking application, HomeCU Live contains features that set it apart from other real-time solutions. It delivers unique benefits you and your members will appreciate.


HomeCU Live! provides the robust functionality of the original [HomeCU Batch] system, combined with the real-time experience your members expect. Enhanced functionality is created by way of the real-time interface and the robust database design of HomeCU.

One of HomeCU Live's most powerful features is "data caching and persistence". When an online session is first begun, the HomeCU system requests a complete update of the member's information and loads this data into a caching database. This data persists throughout the session, only being updated from the core system if information has changed.

This unique architecture enhances your members' experience by eliminating unnecessary "round-trips"
each time a member makes an inquiry. Additionally, this information is retained in the database after the
member logs out in much the same way as an off line home banking system. Transaction monitoring and
messaging services in the HomeCU system keep members informed of transaction status.