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HomeCU™ eStatements

Speed the delivery of member account information and achieve substantial cost savings with HomeCUTM eStatements.


As credit union members increasingly utilize alternative delivery channels to access information, the traditional printed statement, sent by mail, becomes less important. In fact, the mailing of printed statements is fast becoming an unnecessary expense for financial institutions.

Members who bank online are monitoring their accounts on an ongoing basis. This activity is effectively rendering a physical statement highly redundant. However, regulations still require the credit union to provide statements to members.

So how do you meet the regulatory requirements of statement delivery while decreasing undue expense? With the HomeCU Electronic Statement service.

How it works

With the HomeCU eStatements, the core system spools a separate statement file for those members who opt out of paper statements. The file is then uploaded to the HomeCU system through the credit union administration site. The individual member statement is then available for viewing/download, in PDF format, from within the credit unions home banking.

HomeCU eStatements are fully integrated with the HomeCU Internet banking system. This allows members to conduct all their activities in one place, without having to log into a separate system just to view and retrieve statements.