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HomeCU™ & iPay Technologies Bill Payment

Your members can save time and money by paying their bills electronically.

Why Offer Electronic Bill Payment?

Once your members are doing their banking online, paying their bills online is the next logical step. Adding Electronic Bill Payment (EBP) to your HomeCU package allows you to offer your members a lot of extra benefit without a lot of added cost or hassle.

With EBP, your members can pay anyone, anytime. They can schedule future and recurring payments. And because the funds are deducted directly from their credit union account, they never have to write a check or lick a stamp.

iPay Technologies offers a complete EBP service that takes on the day-to-day tasks of managing your bill pay, so you can get back to focusing on your members.

Why Partner with iPay Technologies?

While several organizations offer electronic bill payment, we recommend iPay Technologies because they care about your members as much as you do. With iPay's unprecedented service, you'll never have to unlock a member, chase down a lost payment, fax a copy of a check, enter a trouble ticket or even approve an enrollment.

iPay will run the call center. They're behind the live chat. They catch the online inquiries AND with a 94% first call resolution rate, it means for every phone call they receive from your members, 9-and-a-half-times out of ten, the problem is fixed before they hang up the phone and they do it in less than 5 minutes.

In addition, iPay Technologies is different from the competition in several important ways:

  • Award-winning ease of use
  • Email notifications & text alerts
  • Up to 85% electronic payments
  • Pay multiple bills from one screen
  • Single sign-on functionality with Home CU
  • Less administration through Instant Enrollment
  • Send Rush Payments (Next Day & Second Day)
  • Check payments delivered in 2.8 days (average)

You can learn more about iPay's unprecedented service at www.ipaytechnologies.com or by contacting iPay at 1.888.788.6708.

HomeCU™ & Other Bill Pay Providers

Already have a bill pay provide you'd like to use? No problem! HomeCU has worked with many providers and can usually offer secure Single Sign-On capability with the third party vendor of your choice.