A service of HomeCU LLC.

From Humble Beginnings

A Guy Named Joe...

In 1989, a guy named Joe Pearson decided to take control of his own destiny by starting his own business. Having worked as a software developer for several banks (If you're from a credit union, please don't hold that bank thing against him.) and consulting firms, Joe thought he could do a pretty good job creating customized database software for companies near his home in Boise, Idaho. Joe found several customers for his services in the financial and food industries, and Database Management Services, Inc (affectionately known as "DMS") was born.

...Partners with a Guy Named Jan

In 1995, Joe was talking with a friend and customer named Jan Brinkerhoff. (Yes, Jan's a BIG guy, so don't call and ask to speak to "her" or you'll be really embarrassed.)

Jan was the CEO of a local credit union, and he was looking for some software that would allow his members to access their accounts from home.

They Build a Great Product...

About the same time, Joe and the rest of the growing team at DMS were starting to see the possibilities of the World Wide Web. They recommended that Jan's credit union use the Internet to meet their members' home banking needs. Jan agreed, and they went to work.

DMS created what became the first version of HomeCU. Jan thought HomeCU was so cool that all of his friends in other credit unions would also want to use it. In fact, Jan got so excited about it that he left his job and joined DMS.

Jan's background in the financial services industry, specifically his 13 years as a credit union CEO, became a driving force behind the online banking portion of the business.

...And the Company Takes Off.

Today, the HomeCU product enjoys amazing popularity in credit unions of all sizes across the US and the Caribbean. The company now focuses exclusively on providing innovative account access software solutions to the credit union industry.

We aren't one of those here-today, gone-tomorrow Internet companies. Instead, we see ourselves as software developers with a strong commitment to both our customized software customers and the credit unions we serve.

If you'd like to learn more about DMS or HomeCU, please contact us.